EN: Bay Area was a momentary place

The first few months I was here, I thought when I left this place, it was pretty easy. Bay Area was a momentary place to me. I spontaneously decided to be here for few months with no plan. Everything was set in a very short-term and visitor mindset. I would have fun enough and walk away. I would pack and fly back. I would enjoy the weather, the sun, the mountain, the beach, the fresh air and leave nothing behind. 

While planning the trip back to Vietnam, I do realize and I have to admit, I will miss this place immensely. So many memories, so many goodbyes. So much joy, too much fun, a lot of sadness, countless tears. From the smallest thing such as a mini-library in my neighborhood where I can exchange my books, to the most remarkable and cheerfullest Christmas that I appreciated very much. Lifelong companionship, new pals, favorite diners all the time, new local stores to try, both old fortunate things and new favorable things were falling into place: my heart.

Is it a wonderful thing? “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” (Winnie-The-Pooh)