EN: TIL how to emotionally support my friend

Yesterday I discovered something old about friendship, but it comes off new to me. Being proudly problem oversight at work, instead of empathic listening to my best friend, I gave her crucial guidance which she might not need. It made her upset, a bit.

Lily Aldrin once said in How I Met Your Mother SS9, “I don’t need objectivity. You’re my best friend, I just need your support.” I have to agree with Lily. My best friend and I communicated healthily after that, we are cool and I can’t be more grateful for the conversation we had. 

Some of us, like me, might unconsciously bring thy-self-at-work into life & relationships. Things don’t work that way. Be empathic, be sensitive, be considerate. Keep learning how to care and how to love personal relationships, no matter how we know about it before 💕