EN: Mother’s Day 2021 in the US

It’s not easy for me to write down my feeling for Mother’s Day. But here I am. 

Mom, we haven’t communicated for a while, it’s pretty common in our relationship but this time is so different. Looking back on aspects and reflections, I feel sorry for you. I wish I could undergo what you have been through in your childhood, I might understand you more. I wonder if you are truly happy because you can’t give what you don’t have. I wonder if you ever asked yourself how you could make me feel loved. I wish you could patiently stand with my resentment enough to recognize it’s eventually my grief. 

I learned that I never get enough answers for the past, for everything you did for me. The only thing I choose to believe, whatever you did, either right or wrong, because of love. You love me so much, you just don’t know how to. It’s not your fault at all. You tried your best, Mom. 

I love you so much for who you are. You have done many great things to raise me for who I am today. I still need a bit of time for something left in my heart, when I am done, I would have enough love for you and me, for better us. If you couldn’t love yourself, let me unconditionally help you with that.

For Mothers out there, I wish you health, happiness, and contentment. Nurturing a love for yourself before sharing it with your daughters and sons, your family, and your other relationships. Enjoy every moment of motherhood, it’s challenging but worth it 💕💕