EN: I am so proud to be where I am now

So… I made it to Lakewood Church!

A few months ago, Youtube suggested the video from Joel Osteen who is a ministry at Lakewood Church. I was impressed by their professional service, and the church is phenomenal. A thought popped out from my mind that I would be there once in my life.

I planned a spontaneous trip to Houston and finally, I made it. The moment I was in this church (or dome 🥲), I was so emotional. I never think that I could make this thus far. 

For whose don’t know me before, I am sharing my true story. I was born and raised in miserable conditions: we didn’t have enough food to eat, our house could be destroyed anytime. I didn’t have anything but newspaper and books. I read about the world when I was 5 years old, and I can’t stop thinking how wonderful the world is. I always know there’s something out there waiting for me, something greater, something wonderful, something amazing. I just imagined and pursued my heart.

Fast forward to today, I have been traveling to 33 countries and the number won’t stop counting. The world now is a big home for me. I am so blessed. Every location is on my bucket list, I am going to check them out easily.

Not only traveling around the world is my big dream, but also there is an unnamed dream that I couldn’t explain yet. Such as a calling, or a mission, I have no clue about it yet, but my heart and my intuition knew it already. I constantly have thought that I should support everyone. I don’t know how I could do it specifically, but I believe that I could help people by sharing my knowledge, giving a love to live, and connecting with people. I believe that God always has a plan for us. This belief keeps me moving forward for years.

Instead of judging myself that I didn’t perform anything outstanding like elite people out there (yes, I have been harsh to myself for a long time), by looking back, I am so proud to be where I am now. Ngan Sau, you did a great job, now looking forward to another one in the next 10 years!