EN: Texas in 3 words: Boring but happy!

I expected that Texas would be a boring state as they don’t have beautiful landscapes like California, everything is far away from each other, and the skyline is flat, etc. After spending time around Arlington, Grand Prairie, McKinney, Irving, Houston – few cities in Texas, my mind is shifted. It’s not about where I go, it’s all about who I am with. From a best friend who has been with me for 13 years; a long-time no sees friends since 2016, a new friend I just met after chatting with him for years on mutual groups, to a lady who helped me with my haircut preference. My days here are all filled in with friendship, joy, and happiness by them.

My life is not always happy or easy. I also have heartbroken moments, devastating periods, and bad days. It too shall pass. Living in Texas made me realize a boring life is not equal to an unhappy life. It could be boring but happy. How we could enjoy the repeatable patterns of life that matter the most. How we could deal with the loss, the broken by loving energy that matters after all. 

Live your life in the way you choose. And never regret.