Grateful Sunday: I’m grateful for myself

Today is the last Sunday of 2022. This Grateful Sunday is all about: I’m grateful for myself.

I went through a roller coaster week with a lot of things happened at the same time: business trips, getaway weekend, biggest events of the year, personal health issues. I had to admit: It was extremely difficult to balance everything out as expected. Whenever I feel so overwhelmed, I remind myself: all lessons learned, try my best, take a deep breath, and move on.

For the whole year, I immensely feel grateful for everything in my life; and today, I’m writing a blog and feeling grateful for myself. There were days at my low: in the mood of doing nothing, shame on myself, an urge of giving up, negative reaction, not in right mind anymore,.. Instead of questioning and judging myself, I acknowledge and welcome all of them as a part of family emotions. It is completely okay to feel not okay. It is 100% to make things wrong before learning how to make things right. To me, this is a huge move compared with my past version: encouraging myself to express my feeling than hiding my anger or sadness. I’m proud of my small wins.

I’m grateful for being healthy, being proactive, and being kind. I want to thank me for working hard in this year and never stop believing in myself.

Happy Holidays everyone!