MHAW: It’s okay to make mistakes

One of the many pressures at work is that people are scared of making mistakes. We’re all afraid we won’t be liked at work, and we won’t succeed.

But, do you know many life-changing inventions in life that were created by mistakes? Fireworks, chocolate-chip cookies, post-it notes, X-Rays, and more (FYI here). Even Christopher Columbus, just happened to find out (not really discover) the Americas by making the wrong assumption about the world. It’s completely okay to make those mistakes, even better, they were the best discovery in the world.

Understanding the fear of making mistakes, we are more compassionate with ourselves. We try to avoid mistakes because our unconscious mind reacts to mistakes are equal to not being accepted. We have developed this reaction unintentionally since our first years at school – you made mistakes then you got lower points, no matter how hard-working you were. It is never easy for you, I am with you wholeheartedly.

Grown-up and adult life is even tougher than college sweet dreams. Sometimes, you make mistake, and you are fired. You make another mistake and your friendship is never the same. You make a bigger mistake and your life is ruined completely. However, have you ever looked back and reflected how your life has been changed after those past mistakes?

You were fired, you learned from that mistake, you moved on, and now, you are the top paid manager in another company. You lost your high school best friend, you learned how to respect and how appreciate everyone around you. Your life was ruined, then one day, you decided to build an empire from the ash. Making mistakes is not the end of the world. You never learn from that and you never grow up from the mistake – it is your huge issue. 

So, it’s completely okay to make mistakes. Just learn from it, reflect throughout and self-improvement constantly, move on and build something better. Everything should be fine then.

Have a great week ahead. Hopefully, your mistake could be one of the best inventions at work one day!

Adding more:

After writing this post, I recalled the conversation in 13 Going on 30 movie. The conversation between Jenna and her mom got my point:

Jenna’s mom: I made a lot of mistakes but I don’t regret any of them.
Jenna: How come?
Jenna’s mom: Because if I haven’t made them, I would never learn how to make things right. 

13 Going on 30