MHAW: Work-life integration 

I never believe in work-life balance. Instead of being a toxic possibility, I choose to prioritize things and enjoy my life.

I’m blessed to wake up every morning with fresh thoughts about my work. I never felt like I had to work since the first day I started my career path. I put myself out there, am passionate about my work, am proud of my achievement at work, and never feel tired or bored. The most important thing is that despite how much I am into my work life, I still have my time and my own space whenever I need to step back and relax.

One story enlightened me about work-life integration at the conference in Google Singapore Office. One of the panel speakers is 40-something with two daughters. She was asked out of the blue, like, how she balances her time between work and spending time with her daughters. Her answer was simple yet inspiring. She shared everything about her daily work with her daughters, no matter how young they were to understand all of her stories. The best time of her day is that being back home and bonding with her family through heart-to-heart conversation. Her daughters grew up with sharing behavior, therefore, they started to share everything at school with her later on. That is how she built empathy in family, everyone supports everyone mentally and emotionally. She is a proud mom and a thoughtful professional leader whom I hat-off. 

If possible, please consider to stop chasing work-life balance, it’s kinda unrealistic expectation. Let’s integrate work-life together, in the most meaningful, empathic, and flexible way.