Mental Health At Work: Digital Detox and Attention Addiction

How often do you practice digital detox? 

If you think it is all about the toxic relationship between digital devices and you, unfortunately, it is worse than that. It is an attention addiction. What a pity, we are living in the most connected world with the internet and satellites where people believe the flat and open world; and we still feel isolated at the same time which causes the craving for attention ultimately. Notifications make you feel you are needed; new feed streams conceive the superficial connection where people think they are connected but they are not; videos and images of others are too good to be true which leads you to the “seeing is believing” trap. 

How could we overcome the attention economy as well known as attention addiction? Simply stop using any addiction as a distraction, even food, drugs, or the Internet. Let’s work on the root cause of the problem, and be true to ourselves about the reason we need a distraction. Some people are binge eaters because they want to get out of stressful situations that they can’t handle. Some people are drug addicted because they want to forget obstacles that they don’t want to face. We might be attention addiction because we want to be loved and we want to be validated by someone else. 

Practicing digital detox is the first step to moving forward, it is a huge leap to the self-exploration journey. Once you find out everything you need comes from within, once you give yourself enough attention that your heart might need, you are going to step out of the Attention Addiction game.

Be mindful, be present, and be appreciative, you are enough and even more than enough to offer in life.